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The deal, and the catch...

Yes, wholesale prices on tradelines... and, yes, there is a catch.  The most expensive part about tradelines is customer service.  The most important part to a customer is the price.  We provide discounted prices because you are purchasing directly from the source... not the company.

Who is our prime candidate?

The service provided by Tradeline Broker is for those who have researched or have knowledge of the tradeline industry and do not require an expert in the field to help them select tradelines.  You are buying without a recommendation from a company or tradeline expert.

Where can I get tradelines and good customer service?

If you want top of the line customer service, credit analysis and expert tradeline recommendation, Superior Tradelines, LLC is the answer.  You can order through us at discounted prices, or get quality service from Superior Tradelines, LLC at retail prices.



Purchase seasoned tradeline from Superior Tradelines, LLC


Superior Tradelines, LLC is a leading in the tradeline industry.

...they treat the practice with the respect that it deserves, discourage illegitimate tactics, such as CPNs and SCNs, etc.  Most of all, they treat their customers with the respect they deserve.

While their in business to make a profit, they recognize the importance of the client and truly strive to help the individual's credit situation.


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