What is selling tradelines?

If you’re on this page, you probably already know what tradelines are. It likely means that you’re looking to financially benefit from tradelines. Perhaps you’ve heard from a friend about making money with tradelines. So, let’s discuss what it means to sell tradelines.

First of all, companies (not individuals) usually sell tradelines. As with any product or service, companies exist to sell tradelines. That means they attract consumers looking to increase their credit scores. They also attract people with good credit. Then, the company pairs the two together.

Selling tradelines, at a glance.

The consumer with bad credit pays to be added as an authorized user to a credit card owned by the consumer with a good credit. The benefit to the bad credit consumer is that their credit score will increase. The benefit to the good credit consumer is that they will be paid to add the bad credit consumer.

And by the way, “bad credit consumer” is a bad turn. More accurately, we should say a “consumer with insufficient credit.”

Why selling tradelines works.

Since consumers with insufficient credit will not have the time or energy to find consumers with good credit willing to add them as authorized users, companies that link the two become valuable. Likewise, since consumers with good credit likely don’t have time to market to consumers with insufficient credit, companies that link the two become valuable still.

Precautions for selling tradelines.

Although mutual interests are aligned, there are precautions to observe. First, not all consumers are good. Second, not all companies are good. Third, not all consumers with good credit are good. Each party to this transaction would be wise to be selective with whom they work. For example, some consumers will create fraudulent Social Security numbers and their fraudulent behavior will taint both the company and the good credit consumer. Also, a company could be irresponsible and unprofessional which could taint the bad credit consumer and the good credit consumer. Finally, the good credit consumer may miss a payment or engage in other detrimental behavior to the company and the bad credit consumer.

Benefits of selling tradelines.

If done correctly, a consumer with insufficient credit can benefit from both a company that sells trade lines and the good credit consumer with which they work. In other words, if done correctly, everyone can benefit from selling tradelines.

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