We Googled tradelines for you and answered questions Google didn’t.

Tradelines are heavily searched lately. In fact, the term “tradelines” has increased dramatically over the years. Look at the “Google trends chart, below. Some of the search terms surrounding “tradelines” remain unclear.

We address that below.

We started off with just the word “tradelines.” Then, we scrolled down to the bottom where it shows the “Searches related to…” area. We ended up on “Searches related to authorized user tradelines for sale.”

We thought it would be fun to take arbitrary search terms and provide our opinion, definitions and meaning to them. So, here goes…

authorized user tradelines for sale

This refers to piggybacking credit, a technique used for decades to increase credit scores. The practice involves one person adding another person as an authorized user to one of their credit card accounts in good standing. The credit card account is the “tradeline.” The “for sale” portion of this term refers to the coordination between companies and these third parties. The company connects the two, for a fee.

tradelines for sale 2018

Similar to above, this is referring to buying tradelines… “for sale.” The “2018” part is typically added to the search term every year presumably because searchers are wondering if there have been any changes to this practice. Meaning, they want to know if they can still increase their credit score in [insert year here].

primary tradelines for sale

Again, the same thing as above. The only difference is that some consumers – incorrectly – believe that 1) you can buy primary tradelines like you can buy authorized user tradelines and 2) that (even if you could buy them) primary tradelines are better, somehow, than AU tradeline. Both are untrue. Call us and ask why.

$100 tradelines

This term originated by consumers who wishfully believe that they can buy tradelines for $100.00. This is impossible. If you can get tradelines for $100.00, you can get them for free. At $100.00, there’s no room for profit. In fact, if you’re buying from the company, there’s like a 99% chance they are paying the cardholder, alone, over $100.00. So, they’d lose money. If you only have $100.0o to spend on tradelines, you probably don’t need the loan you’re applying for.

buy tradelines for cpn

Still nothing different, except rather than adding tradelines to social security numbers, some people believe they can create fictitious, synthetic identities and add tradelines to the new fraudulent number. They call it a “credit privacy number” or a “credit profile number.” They create “blank” files, leaving their old credit reports behind, and boost up their fraudulent credit. Problem is, if you apply for a loan that asks for your social security number and you provide anything other than a social security number, you just committed bank fraud. So, having a CPN and tradelines is like having a Porsche GT3 RS which you can’t drive.

free seasoned tradelines

Similar to the $100.00 tradelines, people took it a step further. While it is absurd, self-centered and greedy to expect others to do things for you for free, there is a way to do this. You could ask a family member or friend to add you as an authorized user… for free. Other than that, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

best tradeline companies

This search is pretty obvious. People get tradelines. They know tradelines work. They know tradelines cost money. Now, they’re just looking for the best tradeline company. Clearly, we’d like to throw our hat in the ring for this one.

top tradelines

Top tradelines is a direct rip off of one of our legitimate competitors, Superior Tradelines. Get it? Superior. Best. Top.

business tradelines for sale

Somewhere between legitimate tradelines on legitimate social security numbers and CPNs, people thought about the creativeness of adding tradelines to a business. This allows them to put their credit behind and add tradelines to legitimate entities… businesses. Problem is this: authorized user tradelines only appear on consumer (non-business) credit reports.


That was fun. We hope it was helpful. If you have any questions on crazy concepts or terms out there, comment below and we will reply.

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