Tradelines for sale

Tradelines for sale … and where should I buy them?

Tradelines for sale is the result of complicated federal laws. For example, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974 demands that information on spousal authorized user accounts be conveyed to the credit reporting agencies and measured when creditors determine your credit worthiness.

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Can you explain in detail how tradelines for sale work?

An “authorized user” on a revolving line of credit is an individual who is allowed to use that line without being lawfully accountable for advances secured on that line of credit.  Meanwhile, creditors typically provide the credit bureaus info on all authorized user accounts, without demonstrating which are or are not spouses.  In addition, credit scoring companies cannot differentiate spousal and non-sposal authorized user accounts. This basically results in similar handling of all authorized user tradelines, regardliness if they are purchased or if they are derived from a husband and a while relationship.

Does purchasing tradelines for sale increase your credit score?

There is no one answer for every individual.  However, so long as you meet a certain criteria, purchasing tradelines for sale can increase your credit score.  For example, if you have many recent collections or charge-offs reporting, then the impact of adding tradelines will be drastically diminished.  On the other hand, if you have a relatively thin and young credit file, adding tradelines can substantially increase your credit score.’

What’s the difference between buying tradelines for sale and applying for my own tradelines?

As you know, tradelines are simply accounts appearing on your credit report.  Below is an example of tradelines listed on a consumer’s credit profile; one newly opened and one with a lengthy history.

  • No payment history:

This is an example of a credit report with a tradeline with no payment history.  This line is doing very little to help this consumer’s credit score.  In fact, because opening this account required a hard pull, their score may have decreased upon aquisition of the tradeline.  After about 12 months of on time payments, their score should start to increase.

  • Seasoned Tradeline:

This is an example of a seasoned tradeline.  The difference between this account and the other, is that is has age; a perfect payment history for over 12 months.  Adding this line to your report, for example, may increase your score.


The substaintial differences are that you do not have to have a hard inquiry on your credit report when you buy tradelines for sale, you inherit the history associated with the account, you can lower your debt to credit ratio by adding a large lime tradeline for sale, and you increase the age of your credit file, etc.  The benefits of buying tradelines for sale are numerous.


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