Tradelines, increasing credit scores, one line at a time. Tradelines can increase credit scores more efficiently, effectively, yet less costly.

A tradeline is essentially a credit card (or any account on your credit report). It is often associated with authorized users being added in order to gain a credit increase.

Tradelines have long been a mechanism for credit improvement and credit management. Understanding how tradelines work, and the difference between trade lines and credit repair, is as simple as the following two sentences:

  • credit repair is the process by which you remove negative items from your report
  • tradelines are the process by which you at positive accounts to report

Learn more about adding lines of credit to your credit report by reading below.


Tradelines: Removing accounts vs. adding accounts?

Both credit repair and adding tradelines for credit enhancement have the same effect… increasing your credit score. But, what are tradelines, exactly? Tradelines are the accounts appearing on your credit report.  Any account reporting on your credit file is called a tradeline.

Adding lines of credit to report is much simpler than removing negative items, which is why you’ve probably been searching for tradelines for sale.  But, how does adding tradelines help your credit score?  Well, the trick is to add a seasoned tradeline, that is, a line of credit with a history of on-time payments and a low debt to credit ratio.  Once the line has reported to your credit file, the effect on your credit score is immediate, as the new account characteristics positively adjust the calculation of your score produced by FICO®, Vantage, Beacon, etc.  While there are many scores developed by many different companies, a large majority of lenders use FICO® score, which is made up of 40% revolving credit accounts; therefore, our lines of credit positively affect 40% of your credit score.

Where can I get tradelines of credit?

We specialize in adding in listing deals for tradelines and were able to do so at discounted prices or wholesale prices, unlike most of the companies on the internet.  We can do so as a result of an efficiency process.  We provide the opportunity for you to piggybacking on an account with perfect payment history, enabling you to boost your credit score and a reasonable cost.

Where shouldn’t you buy trade lines?

If you found a trade line company through craigslist you’re only asking for trouble.  You need to make sure the tradeline company is responsible, trustworthy and can actually deliver on their products promised.

You should realize that you’re renting the personal tradelines of another person. Yes, they’re “authorized user tradelines for sale,” but, in reality, you’re just “renting” that authorized user designation. That’s probably why “rent tradelines” has become a search term in Google.

Frequently asked “tradelines” questions (and answers):

Most consumers want to know how well a company will perform for them. Tradelines are no different in this regard. So, consumers will search for “reviews” of tradeline companies, i.e., “tradelines review.” There’s also a comparison website out there with a similar name.

Unlike companies that popped up last year and pay people to write fake reviews, we have reviews over a decade old from competitors. Here are some examples:


It is possible to get free seasoned tradelines if you have a family member or friend willing to add you as an authorized user to one of their seasoned tradelines (or “aged” credit card accounts). However, you could hurt youself if you add an inappropriately matched tradeline. You can call us and we will help you, for free, find the right tradeline.

Unlike the “free seasoned tradelines” discussed above, you can buy authorized user tradelines for sale from companies like us. We specialize in connecting you with the best credit solution, whether that be tradelines, credit repair, debt settlement, or the like.

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