Seasoned tradelines … what are they?

Seasoned tradelines are a jump start to a better credit file.

Seasoned tradelines are typically revolving lines of credit which have been aged for at least a few years.  The age of the tradelines make available a history of on time payments.  In additions, seasoned tradelines usually have high limits and low balances.  This debt to credit ratio assists in positively impacting credit scores by either expanding the young credit file or lowering the debt to credit ratio previously establish on the report.

Learn more about seasoned tradelines by reading below.

Seasoned tradelines … what’s the angle here?

Seasoned tradelines in the most general sense is simply that… a line of credit that has been aged for a few years, or “seasoned“.  More particularly, however, seasoned tradelines are used to add credit to a person’s credit file who lacks the substantial lines of credit needed to have a high, strong or positive credit rating.

Will seasoned tradelines work for me?

Adding a seasoned trade lines with a significant limit, low balance, and lots of history will certainly help any credit score. However, the question is… based on the particulars of a given credit report, to what extent will the seasoned tradelines help?
If you suffer from derogatory items such as charge-offs, collection accounts, late payments, etc., within your credit report, the impact of the season tradeline will be less than in the case of the limited file with relatively no history (and especially limited or no negative history).




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