Tradelines revolve around timing.

Tradelines provoke recurring themes when it comes to questions regarding them. No matter which question piques the interest of the client most, the timing of the trade line controls the entire process. The issue associated with the timing of trade lines emerges in many forms. Three of those considerations are as follows.

Tradelines and urgency: a sales trick or legitimate consideration?

We’ve all set across the desk from a pushy salesman telling you that if you don’t buy the car today the deal is no good tomorrow. Those selling trade lines may try the same trick. But is it a trick? Maybe and maybe not. The very nature of authorized user trade lines is a time sensitive transaction. There closing dates for each card and all of the required must be done prior to those dates. For example, there dates all over this website which are set by those offering the deal. Very likely, those dates correspond with the closing date of the trade lines offered at a reduced price. So in a sense, urgency is an inherent factor in the purchase of trade lines. However, there’s always next month as spots available will open up perpetually in the future. While this is true, this may not be true for the timing of your credit goal.

Tradelines and goals, such as closing dates on a mortgage.

As we discussed above, urgency may or may not be a factor depending on the way look at it. However, urgency (or at least on a scheduled basis) is always a factor when you’re on time sensitive critical. For example, if you have an offer in on a house there are a lot of moving parts which you’re trying to coordinate. You have offer, counter offer you have closing documents and title documents all must be done by a closing date. If you’re trying to increase your credit score prior to closing on that mortgage, your goals become the urgency in and of themselves.

Tradelines and documentation, such as credit reports and indentification.

While were quite familiar with the recurring themes raised by consumers like you, we’ve also heard from companies as well. A recurring theme of company selling trade lines is that their clients are unprepared. They mentioned many ways, but here are a few: First, clients do not have proper identification such as a state issued identification card. Second, clients do not have updated three bureau credit reports. Third, clients are not prepared financially to complete the transaction. If you, as a potential buyer of trade lines, can have these three items ready to go, you can expect the most smooth transaction possible.

    • The answer can be traced back to the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. This 40-year-old piece of legislation requires creditors to report the account activity of all authorized user accounts to the three major credit bureaus.

    • An authorized tradeline, or often called an authorized user tradeline, is a credit card account that somebody other than the primary account hold has been authorized to use. A seasoned tradeline is simply a credit card account that is 2 or more years old.

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