How to make tradelines report faster.

Tradelines report on a monthly cycle. In a “give me everything now” society, even a 30 day waiting period is too arduous. Like many of the most common questions revolving around tradelines, consumers are highly concerned with the time it takes tradelines to report. Just like the first sentence of this article, the answer will always be the same. Its the efficiency of the company and the preparedness of the client which are the only other factors involved. Since there’s no sense in speculating whether or not tradelines can report faster with respect to the banks and bureaus, we will focus on the other two factors: company efficiency and client preparedness.

Tradelines report based on company efficiency.

One way tradelines can report faster is by working with an efficient company. If the company does not answer their phones, respond to emails in a timely manner, or provide a user-friendly website and goal oriented staff members, you can expect delays. As mentioned, the tradelines will report every 30 days. The only thing that can get in the way is human error. Technically, there’s nothing you can do to “speed up” reporting of tradelines. However, the real goal (and an appropriate focus) should be finding a company that will not drop the ball.

Tradelines report based on client (that’s you) preparedness.

Companies, good or bad, are not the only factors that deserve scrutiny. When it comes to the reporting timeframe, you (as a consumer) have a great deal to do with it. For example, if a company requires certain documentation prior to in order being fulfilled, you need to be prepared for such requirements. Otherwise, your order can be delayed or canceled. If you need to have payment submitted by a certain time and failed to do so, you may experience the same result. Ultimately, if you want tradelines to “report faster,” (and as we discussed above we really mean “avoid delays”) you need to be prepared with:

  • a copy of your license or state issue ID;
  • a copy of a legitimate social security card (not a credit profile number)
  • a recent three-bureau credit report


Essentially, the speed with which tradelines report depends on two things. First the efficiency of the company. Second, the preparedness of the client (again, that’s you). Remember, while you think you only have control of the latter you actually have control over the former as well. Make sure you research the company, but get on the phone and make sure you feel comfortable with them as well. And, as long as you have your documentation ready, you have done everything you can to make tradelines report fast. And by “fast,” we now know that means “without delay.”


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