Tradeline costs: explained.

Tradeline costs vary. Like consumers interested in any product, tradeline costs┬ánot escape this concern. Often, clients place the cost of a trade line above their own credit goals. For example, suppose you need a trade line with a $10,000 limit and four years of seasoned history. Suppose further, that you can only afford a trade line with a $5000 limit and three years of history. Even if you can afford the latter trade line, it makes no difference how good of a deal he received, because the trade line is insufficient for your goals. So, let’s examine the costs of trade lines, generally.

What do tradelines cost anything, at all?

As absurd as it seems, the above question actually makes sense. Think about it: the primary line onto which you are added as an authorized user already exists. So where do the costs come from? The answer is simple: time and effort. Most consumers don’t realize what goes into the resources required to have an authorized user account added to their credit report. For example, establishing the line over many years in the first place, networking with the primary account holder and bringing them into the company, establishing a company, establishing a client base, building a reputation, legal compliance with the credit repair organizations act, setting up and maintaining phone systems, email accounts, bank accounts, trust accounts bonds, etc.

So, where to do the “deals” come from?

Without getting into a dissertation on economics, the simple answer is that deals on trade lines are the result of unsold inventory toward the end of the monthly cycle of each particular account. For example, let’s say there’s five slots available on a particular trade line, four of them are sold, and one remains unsold. That is a loss for everyone involved, including the client the company and the cardholder. Rather than lose that income (because any deal is better than zero), this site allows companies and cardholders to place on sold inventory on our site at a reduced rate.

Tradeline costs is not the only consideration.

While you will no doubt find good deals on this website, please keep in mind that trade line costs is not the only consideration. Credit in general is complicated. Trade lines, a much more nuanced and niche industry, is even more complicated. This site serves a prepared customer well. Meeting, if you know what you’re doing, if you have your documents prepared, if you have a legitimate goal, if you have legitimate Social Security number, etc., this site is for you.


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