1 tradeline | $17,000 limit with 10 years of history

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To qualify for this deal you must have the following:

-A valid Social Security Number
-A valid State Issued Photo ID
-A recent credit report

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    • Tradeline Broker
      Tradeline Broker
      February 2, 2017 - 8:49 pm · Reply

      Sorry for the late reply, but here goes: All tradelines must sold through companies go through a vetting process. Those companies would go out of business if they were adding high balance tradelines with late payments on their client’s files. However, you should always ask to make sure. So, when you get connected with a company that sells tradelines, just ask…

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Raj Sahoo

Raj is a tradeline expert, combining years of experience with tradeline resources that rival most companies. Raj will walk you through the tradeline process as if you were a family member. He reminds our clients to always be goal orientated! With a strong analytic personality, he has a great understanding of the numbers behind credit.