Credit Privacy Numbers and Credit Profile Numbers are a waste of your time, but more importantly, the time of a legitimate company. Credit Profile or Credit Privacy Numbers are a no-go. Under no circumstances will a legitimate company provide tradelines for a credit profile number (CPN), Secondary Credit Number (SCN), etc., or any other number that is not number your original Social Security Number. In addition to the fact that they do not provide that service to CPNs or SCNs, etc., you could be subject fine. For example, one of the most reputable comapies has a $10,000.00 in their contract for providing us a CPN or SCN. Also, they run an SSN scans which will merge your CPN / SCN and your SSN immediately. So, even if you think it’s possible to slip a CPN through the cracks, you might end up merging your file (especially if you’re dealing with a legitimate company).

We encourage you to seek alternatives to the CPN strategy.

Bottom line, experienced tradeline companies will not do business with you if you intend to put tradelines for CPNs or SCNs. We have created this page with a clear warning as to prevent you from wasting their time. I am sure the companies would appreciate it if this courtesy is reciprocal.


If you are on the fence about CPNs, and wish to learn more about them or consider alternatives to such a drastic and potentially illegal solutions, then contact a legitimate company and determine if one of their many Credit Repair options is right for you. We highly encourage you stay away from CPNs and SCNs, as we’ve seen nothing but irreversible problems as a result of this shoddy practice.

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