Credit profile numbers (and the authorities).

Credit profile numbers are a seemingly incurable virus. Like almost every website on the Internet, we track the keywords searched by those coming to our website. Today, we saw a very interesting keyword (or phrase). The user typed, “how do I report someone to the authorities using a credit profile number.” As the credit profile number persists as a virus in this industry, I’m sure these phrases will be searched more often. The real question becomes what should people do about it.

Should we report users of credit profile numbers?

This is a tough question. Not all scenarios are the same. So when you ask yourself whether or not you should report the user of a credit profile number, you should probably consider the circumstances. For example, what if a company sold someone a credit profile number and lied to them and coerced that client into a situation that they have no clue about? On the other hand, what if the user has full knowledge that he or she is endeavoring to perpetrate a fraud upon you? As to the former, I’m not sure who would want to place a victim in jail. As to the latter, it may be necessary to report, at least to the extent of extinguishing that number from future use. If you are in a position to witness these events on regular basis, I would seek competent legal counsel to determine the best course of action.

If so, to whom should we report it.

To whom you should report fraudulent usage of fake Social Security numbers (otherwise known as “credit profile numbers”), depends on the circumstances. For example, if your local lender, you’ll probably want to start with local authorities such as the police department. Even local police departments and sheriff departments have financial crimes divisions. If those departments are unable to handle the issue, they certainly know who to contact. If you work for larger institution, such as a bank, there’s probably an in-house fraud department that handles these issues on a daily basis.


Although the phrase searched concerned how to properly report the credit profile number, there is another perspective with which I’d like to conclude. Education. I think the word should be spread that CPNs do not exist. That CPN’s are fake in every respect, except for the legal consequences they can cause. So, rather than reporting an individual who may have been taken advantage of, educate that person so that he or she can spread the word that CPN’s are fake and not some great opportunity.


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