$300 tradelines

$300.00 tradelines? No, not at all…

$300.00 tradelines don’t exist (legitimately). Follow me for one paragraph on an economics rant; it will help you understand the rest of this post. A big problem we have in the United States (in terms of economics) is the belief in fantasy ideas of “free,” “cheap,” or “deals.” Sure, there’s a possibility of products or services reducing in price or, in the case of unsold inventory of tradelines, a deal emerging. But, at the end of the day, prices are determined by undeniable market forces. (more…)

tradelines report fast

How to make tradelines report faster.

Tradelines report on a monthly cycle. In a “give me everything now” society, even a 30 day waiting period is too arduous. Like many of the most common questions revolving around tradelines, consumers are highly concerned with the time it takes tradelines to report. Just like the first sentence of this article, the answer will always be the same. Its the efficiency of the company and the preparedness of the client which are the only other factors involved. (more…)

Credit profile numbers (and the authorities).

Credit profile numbers are a seemingly incurable virus. Like almost every website on the Internet, we track the keywords searched by those coming to our website. Today, we saw a very interesting keyword (or phrase). The user typed, “how do I report someone to the authorities using a credit profile number.” As the credit profile number persists as a virus in this industry, I’m sure these phrases will be searched more often. The real question becomes what should people do about it. (more…)

tradeline costs

Tradeline costs: explained.

Tradeline costs vary. Like consumers interested in any product, tradeline costs not escape this concern. Often, clients place the cost of a trade line above their own credit goals. For example, suppose you need a trade line with a $10,000 limit and four years of seasoned history. Suppose further, that you can only afford a trade line with a $5000 limit and three years of history. (more…)

Tradelines revolve around timing.

Tradelines provoke recurring themes when it comes to questions regarding them. No matter which question piques the interest of the client most, the timing of the trade line controls the entire process. The issue associated with the timing of trade lines emerges in many forms. Three of those considerations are as follows. (more…)