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Welcome to Tradeline Broker!

...explained in 3 points:

  1. Think of this website as "" or a "" platform, but completely and totally dedicated to seasoned authorized user tradelines for sale. 
  2. Feel free to search around and, if you find something you like, connect directly with those offering the authorized user accounts.
  3. Make sure to follow us and share with others, because wouldn't you have appreciated if someone shared this site with you? 

Some of the finer, but not so fine, points.

While these are technically wholesale prices (or even below wholesale prices) on tradelines, there is still a time sensitive aspect to this process, since it is on a first come first serve basis. Additionally, the companies offering the service can certainly deny you if, for example, you aren't prepared in terms of documentation or finances. Also, companies can deny service if you're using a "CPN" or anything other than your social security number. So, so long as you are prepared, there's no catch.